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Ultrasonic Facial

Best for: All skin types.

Benefits: Stimulates blood circulation, firms and tightens skin, improves skin tone and texture, refines pores, assists in lymphatic drainage, improves fine lines and wrinkles, improves acne breakouts and inflammation, decongests puffy eyes, brightens dark under eye circles.

Flush & Glow with LED Light Therapy

Best for: Skin in need of rejuvenation, clogged pores, uneven texture, dullness, acne, eczema, and rosacea.

Benefits: Purifies the skin, improves skin conditions, accelerates tissue repair, provides healing benefits with different colors of LED light, reveals luminous skin.

Firming Enzyme Treatment

Best for: Congested skin and sensitive skin.

Benefits: Exfoliates the skin, prepares skin for extractions, improves fine lines and wrinkles, reduces inflammation.

High Frequency Facial

Best for: Almost everyone, especially those new to facials.

Benefits: Helps prevent acne, reduces fine lines and wrinkles, decongests puffy eyes, enhances blood circulation, encourages lymphatic drainage.

Let’s Improve Your

Relationship With Your Skin

Skin Has Stories To Tell, Do You Know Yours?

Did you know we are all born with a specific skin type? Overtime we can acquire many different skin conditions that may compromise our skin. Have you struggled with trying to find the right product or treatment for you? I am here to help give insight and support you through this process. As I understand myself that it can be very frustrating with all the various amount of information out there.

My Facial (Skin Therapy) Experience

“My facial experience with Tonya has been amazing. It is relaxing as well as very beneficial. Tonya is extremely professional and explains everything in detail. I look forward to every visit.”

– Nicole Mooney, Whitby, ON

Learn About Your Skin, Then Pamper It.

My goal is to help educate you about your skin, listen to your specific needs, and assure that you feel completely comfortable and see that together we get the results you need. Your first initial appointment will be your Consultation. Almost like a first date. Which includes us sitting down together, discussing your skin history and what you would like to accomplish with your skin. I would expect that all my new clients would want to get to know the person who will be working on their skin…right? I complete a very thorough Skin Analysis that includes a Balancing Express Facial, where afterwards we can discuss together with my professional opinion which treatments would be best suited for your skin needs. Let’s establish what I call the Personalized Relationship with your skin.

I have been a client of Sweet Expression MediSpa’s from the beginning. Suffering from Melasma after having my son who is 5, I have relied on makeup to cover the pigmented areas. Since I started to see Tonya, she has managed to lift the darkened areas on my skin enough so that they are barely noticeable. Thanks Tonya!

– Darcy D. Bowmanville, ON


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Sweet Expressions MediSpa is a Medical Spa located in Bowmanville Ontario specializing in treatments that are primarily focused on restoring the health of your skin. From Facials to Laser Hair Removal, Sweet Expressions MediSpa offers a wide variety of treatments to improve the relationship between you and your skin.  Proudly servicing Clarington Region and beyond.